The Arthur von Hochstetter

Anatomical Collection

The anatomical specimens a  few of which are displayed on these pages were collected by  Professor A. v. Hochstetter over a lifetime of work in the field of Anatomy. The collection which was bequeathed to me is located in Basel, Switzerland and consists of several thousand specimens including both alcohol preparations and dry specimens.


My dear friend, Professor Arthur von Hochstetter reading in his riverside apartment.

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Prof. Arthur H.C.Frhr. von Hochstetter
1918 - 1997

Some early anatomical teaching specimens, which form part of the A.v.H. collection.

The use of children for the preparation of these specimens was almost certainly due to practical considerations, alcohol would have been prohibitively expensive so drying provided a cheap method of preservation. Furthermore, their small size meant that such specimens could easily be transported to and from the lecture halls.

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An early anatomical specimen circa 1800. The arteries have been injected and muscles dissected. The curious classical  pose was then fixed with wires following dissection. The specimen was then dried and painted before a  final coat of varnish was applied..

A similar specimen to that on the left but of a younger child. Foetal skeleton